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The outlet on Church Street is fairly new, but they’re apparently quite a famous chain in Mumbai, and have also started an outlet in Hyderabad.

Its essentially a sizzler joint, and essays that role quiet well, given the choices and the ‘value for money’ factor. We reserved in advance, but a peek into the diary told us, we were the only ones to have done so :). The place has two floors, and the ground floor was quite full, but we were only one of two groups on the first floor. I would recommend the first floor, cosy, comfortable and a little less congested.

We started with a cream of chicken soup, which was simply awesome. I would rate it as one of the best i’ve had in Bangalore. Unlike a lot of places we’ve been to, they believe in using both cream and chicken in a ‘cream of chicken’ soup. There are also a lot of starters you could choose from.

For the main course, we had a ‘Chicken Satellite’ sizzler and a ‘Diced Steak with chips’. The steak had a wonderful flavor, the sizzler was only average, but it could be my intense dislike for most vegetables that biased my view. Speaking of vegs, there’s enough choice her for vegetarians too. The meal was just the right quantity and leaves you enough space for dessert.  There are not many dessert options, and its pretty much the standard Mousse, Ice Cream, Caramel Custard kind. Would have loved to review that too, but had to rush.

Overall, a good experience, Yoko’s a good place to visit when you’re hovering around MG/Brigade Road,  but I might be more inclined towards Tangerine (Indiranagar) when in the generic mood for sizzlers. Its the dessert, stupid, though a Barista and Java city close to Yoko pretty much evens it up. 😀

Yoko Sizzlers,

No. 42, Church Street, Next to KC Das, Opposite Hotel Empire, Bangalore, 41266588, 41266589


Pink Pepper

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The poor place suffered at the hands of Bangalore Times’s review, but we still decided to give it a try. After all, we aren’t that gourmet yet.

Since we didn’t want to go around in circles (considering that 13th main, 6th cross can be mny different places in indiranagar), we called up the place for directions, and were guided quite well. For those familiar with the Indiranagar culinary scene,  its on the same road as Sigri. (the first right turn when you enter Indiranagar from the Old Madras Road – 100 ft road intersection)

The name and the decor would recommend a setting different from what it currently occupies. The seating is very comfortable, with a smoking and non smoking section, and a view of the road its located in. The menu has a bit of continental, Indian and Chinese stuff. As always, we decided to mix and match. So we went for the Hot and Sour Chicken soup first, which was quite thick and delicious, a bit on the salty side, the wife said, but I’d still say it was pretty good.

For the main course, we went Indian and ordered a Murgh Masaledar and a Goan Fish curry. The portions were quite sufficient for two people, and they actually serve a roti as part of any dish for the main course. That is not something I’ve come across earlier. Both the dishes were unlike the regular fare we get to eat, and definitely tasted like some good work had gone into it. A strange thing was the lack of bloated feeling, which usually accompanies our Saturday dinners 🙂

The menu did have some dessert options, but the lure of the Casa Picola nearby (CMH road) was too tempting to miss. So we had our regular Black forest Crepes and Chocolate Mousse Cake, after the waiter there handed us a ‘Duh’ moment, when he asked us ‘Garlic Bread or Rice’ for the order above.

Contact – Pink pepper,

No.152,1st Floor, Indiranagar, 2nd Main,1st Stage, Bangalore

25217787, 25217788, 9945272366, 9741311443


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I was introduced to Shezan a few years back, thanks to it being located close to my ex-place of work. It was quite a wallet friendly place then, thankfully still is. They’ve also added more floor space on the ground floor quite recently.

Though the place is quite well known for the steaks, we usually have the North Indian fare, because thats quite good too. But having said that, we usually start with the Chicken & Mushroom soup. 🙂 Though we’ve always ordered that, we’ve never had the soup tasting the same across visits, but there never has been a reason to complain either, so far. This time, though, was a big let down, because it seemed to be a hastily prepared concoction with the mushrooms looking like they had been chopped and put in somewhere on the way between the kitchen and the table.

For the main course, we had onion kulchas, fish biriyani, murg patiala and fish hyderabadi (yes, we are an equal opportunity consumer). The chicken was very good, and so was the biriyani, and the quantity was just right for two people, and just enough space for dessert. We usually skip dessert here, and hop across to Corner House for the must-have dose of ‘Death by Chocolate’

A meal for two costs about Rs.450 (not including dessert).

What brings us back to Shezan is the lovely seating on the terrace where we can watch the world go by on Lavelle Road. So, yes, we’ll be back, bad soup notwithstanding.

Bangalore Bistro

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When we first came to Bangalore, we’d heard about the Bangalore Bistro somewhere near Cunningham Road, but since that area wasn’t our regular haunt, we never managed to visit. Thankfully, they shifted location  to Brigade Road, and have ever since, made us quite regular visitors.

Except for the first time, we’ve never reserved, because there’re only a couple of tables occupied when we reach there (around 7.45  -8 pm), but if you’re planning to go later, it would be better to reserve in advance. Although they have some wonderful seating outside, a sort of terrace with stone benches, I’ve never seen people sitting there. Maybe will try it out during summer. There’s a lovely view of a church and the city skyline, which adds to the entire Gothic+Euro theme.

The owners have a tremendous sense of humour judging by the copy in the menu card. One of the best ones as the verse on how you’d have to pay if you broke the hookah.

Meanwhile, we asked for a cream of chicken soup (they don’t have soups on the menu card, all they say is ask for a soup and we’ll make it for you), and a Honey Chilly Roast Chicken and Chicken Cannelloni for the main course. The soup was excellent, as is usually the case. Generous helpings with soft, fluffy garlic bread.

Both the dishes we ordered for the main course were not lacking in quantity. While the Cannelloni I ordered was leaning towards bland, D’s dish was quite spicy, but both were awesome. The place also has some Lebanese, Turkish stuff, and some good choices in sea food. The desserts are a bit costly, but this time it wasn’t that which stopped us. We were stuffed after the main course, so for the second week in a row, no Desserts 😦

Bistro remains one of our top 3 restaurants in Bangalore for its quiet, soothing ambience and the sheer quality of the food.

You can get all the details on their website.