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Kobe Sizzlers

Posted in Central Bangalore with tags , , on May 4, 2008 by manuscrypts

Talk about focus… You only come here if you are in the mood for sizzlers… We couldn’t even try our regular strategy of one starter + one sizzler + dessert approach, since the starter options are almost nil… Even with this focus, we felt that we could’ve got more choice of sizzlers in say, Yoko, Indijoe or Tangerine.

First things first, the joint is located on the 5th floor of Garuda Mall. We tried reserving in advance, but as usual were met with ‘We don’t take reservations on weekends’. What surprised us were a few tables there with a ‘reserved’ sign, and I only got a smile in response to my query. We reached there by around 7.45, and could easily get a table, but the place got crowded in another 15 minues.

Since I was still reeling from a heavy lunch, we ordered a Chicken Salad and a Nasi Goreng. The salad came in no time, was very tasty (just the way I like it, with lots of mayonnaise) and was quite large, in terms of quantity. The sizzler took some time, but that might have been because they were waiting for us to finish the salad.

The sizzler was made of boneless chicken on a bed of fried rice. And what a bed it was – king size!! I’m quite sure that even with a free stomach, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. The lack of options, I think, is made up for by the extremely good quality and quantity of the food that one gets here.

The dessert options are the regular suspects – custard, brownie. They also have a few beverage options like iced tea, cold coffee and something called the Kobe special coffee, have to try that out sometime.

The ambience is quite pleasant, with very comfortable seating and cosy seating for 2 people. The food is absolutely value for money, the entire meal cost us just about Rs.400.

Kobe Bangalore. 5th Floor, Garuda Mall, McGrath Road, M.G.Road, Banglore-560025 Tel: 080-65600872