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Tandoor – Koramangala

Posted in Koramangala with tags , , on May 11, 2008 by manuscrypts

Yes, really, i say. At the Oasis complex on the Intermediate Ring Road, the building which has Lifestyle and Spar. Tandoor is on the same floor as Polynation, Fire Wok, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Yellow Chillies, Cream & Fudge Factory, Bull & Bush and so on. So you won’t go hungry there even if you don’t get a place in Tandoor. But since we went with a single minded purpose, we reserved in advance and after many weeks, found some kindred souls who believed in the concept of reservation. (no not the controversial type, the normal table booking kind). For those who want to go there to watch IPL (as their ad says), there are about 4 tables which could offer you a view, so let the objective be food.

They gave us a ‘table in the centre of the room’ for two, which wasn’t quite appealing, especially since the group at a nearby table gave us looks that could be read as being snobbish. So we bullied the staff to give us a better one.

The menu, though looks better than the MG Road one as far as aesthetics go, is much lesser on content. And they don’t serve liquor, I think the MG Road one does. I especially missed the Patiala on the menu, the Murg kind. So, while there were around 3 shorbas and a few starters to choose from, we skipped them, since the Tandoor quantities are usually large.

We ordered a Shahi Fish Tikka (served on a sizzler), a half Kadai Chicken, a butter naan and an onion kulcha. The fish came first, and the fowl didn’t follow as quickly as we’d have expected, especially since we had explicitly asked for it to be brought with the main course. So it wasn’t in as hot a state as it should have been eaten in, and that perhaps was the reason it tasted so bland. The kulcha was a very young one, it hadn’t been allowed to grow to its full potential. But the naan was. Dont expect the same quantities as the Tandoor on MG Road, the chicken was just about enough for two, though it tasted quite good.

The service was good, except for the late delivery, for which they apologised. The ambience could’ve been better, and they could’ve avoided the flies, especially since they were on the house, er, houseflies ;). Bad ambience, bad PJs !!! All of the above cost us (hold your breath) just below Rs.950. (It took us a while to get our breath back, you? )That, plus the options weren’t enough to convince us on dessert.

Tandoor: 4th Floor, Oasis Mall, Koramangala Ph: 41747008/9/10